Website Design Process

Creating Your Marketing Optimized Website

The websites we create are designed primarily for marketing effectiveness. They are built on the WordPress platform and optimized for search.

The diagram below features the elements, and illustrates the design and development process of an effective website:

Creating an Effective Website Diagram

Our sites feature an attractive, but simple design. The design simplicity keeps your site affordable because your web design dollars pay for marketing effectiveness rather than high-end graphic design.

The diagram below shows the key elements of a customer-focused site:

12 Elements of a Customer-Focused Website

If you are looking for top-level graphics and a visually stunning site, we are happy to refer you to another designer. But if you are interested in a site that will integrate well with your social media pages and has the ability to attract prospects and initiate the sales process, then you are in the right place and will want to request a Web Design Price Quote.

Christine Green personally handles the initial planning and pricing process. She will have a phone or in-person consultation with you where she determines your business goals and the marketing needs of your website. With this information Christine will put together a price quote.

Once you accept the quote, the design and development process begins. Your preferences for color scheme, look and feel will be discussed and factored into the creation of your site. First the marketing concept and content are developed. All the necessary features and elements that will optimize your site for marketing are included in the development process.

Your finished website will engage targeted visitors, anticipate their needs, offer value and answer their questions. It will offer them a great user experience and be optimized to initiate the sales process.

Steps in the Process:

  1. Complete the online Web Design Price Quote Request Form
  2. Christine Green contacts you to schedule your consultation.
  3. FREE Consultation with Christine (by phone or in-person) to discuss web marketing goals, initial website ideas and options.
  4. We send you a Website Design Price Quote based on the information you’ve supplied.
  5. You contact us with any questions. You get your answers. The scope of the project is clarified and given the go-ahead.
  6. You send a retainer payment and the project begins.
  7. At this point we begin the website planning process by collecting specific information related to the categories listed at the top of this page. That process can happen in whatever way is convenient for you. You can talk with us by phone, webcam, or meet in-person (for clients in the Boston area) for in-depth planning.

Your Website Design/Development Project in Progress

You will be kept fully informed every step of the way, with contact by email, phone, or in-person meetings. Throughout the project you will be provided with progress reports, contacted if more information is needed or for your input and approval on various aspects.

Client satisfaction is our top priority. We understand the importance of creating a website that not only does its job…but that meets your expectations. The cost of your site will reflect the scope and customization you desire.

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