Website Design Process

This page explains our process for creating a new or redesigned website that is marketing-focused.


What We Do to Create Your New Marketing-Optimized Website:How Each Element Can Attract More Leads and Boost Your Business:
Develop a homepage “hook,” compelling site content, and innovative ways to convey your message. Your targeted web visitors are instantly engaged and want to learn more about your company.
Design the site for intuitive navigation and optimal usability. Follow best practices in content formatting and configuration.
Your site provides a productive and pleasant user experience, and visitors don’t have to “think” to find what they need. They stay on your site because each click takes them exactly where they want to go.
Feature content on your site that is of value to prospects.Your prospect stays on your site. Their appreciation of the value puts you ahead of the competition in their mind.
Effectively and efficiently convey the identity of your company. Visitors instantly grasp exactly what your company does and can easily determine if you can meet their needs.
Use design elements and content to quickly establish trust.Trust building techniques play an important role in initiating the sales process.
Optimize content to effectively portray credibility.Visitors are convinced of your sincerity, expertise, and other characteristics that establish credibility. This increases their motivation to hire or purchase from you.
Optimize your About Page. Specific information and techniques can help humanize your company and inspire people to want to do business with you.
Utilize content to position your staff as experts in your industry. When your staff are seen as trusted professionals or industry leaders, it improves the image of your company in the mind of the prospect.
Take advantage of the missed opportunities of your competition to better meet the needs of your targeted prospects in order to win their business.Your site will give your prospects what they don’t get from your competitor’s sites. Your site will address their concerns, answer their burning questions, and offer valuable information in a clear, concise manner.
Configure web content to pre-qualify your leads. Your site will read the mind of your consumer and provide every piece of information they need to comfortably take the first step of the sales process.You save time when the leads from your site are highly qualified. Your web visitors feel ready to contact you because all their questions and concerns have been addressed.
Utilize techniques for capturing prospect contact information.This builds your contact database and gives you permission to stay in touch with prospects.
Integrate your social media presence into the website, to effectively convert visitors into fans and followers.Visitors take action to connect with your company on your social media venues.
Develop your site to serve the overall marketing concept with specific content, elements and techniques.Your site will more likely accomplish all of the above and your ideal prospects will find your site, and be inspired to take action that initiates the process of becoming your customer or client.
Perform Search Engine Optimization for your site - overall, page-by-page, and for local search.To get your company found in search engine results. You should also know that most of what is mentioned above will help optimize your site for search.
Use "Responsive" Design so that your site that can be easily viewed on any size screen. You don't miss out on the increasing number of web visitors viewing your site from a Mobile Device (Smart Phones and Tablets).

Find out How We Work – it’s different, but we find that it’s the best way to create a website that can prove itself as a marketing tool.


Creating an Effective Website Diagram - Web Design Process of Christine Green Consulting

Steps in the Process:

  1. You complete the online Web Design Price Quote Request Form
  2. Christine Green contacts you to schedule your consultation.
  3. FREE Consultation with Christine (by phone) to determine your business goals and the marketing needs of your website.
  4. We send you a Website Design/Development Proposal/Agreement that explains how we’ll build you a site that meets your company or organization’s marketing goals.
  5. You send us the required Retainer fee which confirms your acceptance of the Agreement and the project begins.
  6. We begin the website planning process by collecting specific information related to the categories listed in the chart at the top of this page. This can usually be done by phone and email or we might meet in-person if you are local and we determine that necessary.

Your Website Design/Development Project in Progress

You will be kept informed during the process, with contact by email, phone, or if needed in-person meetings. Throughout the project you will be provided with progress reports, contacted if more information is needed or for your input and approval on various aspects.

Client satisfaction is our top priority. We understand the importance of creating a website that not only does its job…but that meets your expectations.

Let’s Get Started! Request a Web Design Price Quote.


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