Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategies

Are You Using Social Media, But You…

  • aren’t getting the results you want?
  • are confused about how to leverage it for marketing?
  • don’t know how to create an effective strategy?

Your website is your marketing destination.
We’ll transform your site into a customer-focused marketing tool optimized for search.

But don’t stop there…your overall online presence also impacts your Search Engine Optimization.
We’ll create a Strategic Marketing Plan for your business that will help you get known online and more traffic to your website.

digital marketing includes your website and digital strategies

If you’re using traditional outbound marketing, don’t miss out on inbound marketing that uses online social networks to funnel traffic to your website.
inbound and outbound marketing sends prospects to your website

We first perform an analysis of your current marketing initiatives, in the context of your industry and target customers.

We’ll identify areas needing improvement and most importantly, your missed opportunities. We won’t suggest quick fixes, makeshift solutions, or the trend of the week.

Instead, we’ll develop an effective digital marketing strategy.

Our recommendations and strategies will be submitted to you in a written report with approaches developed specifically for your company and presented in the most effective implementation sequence.

We’ll give you concrete initiatives that you can put into practice immediately. And we’ll coach you on the use of advanced social media tactics and techniques that will reach and engage your ideal prospects.

We work with Small Businesses, Organizations and Public Figures

We work with Small Businesses, Organizations and Public Figures

Learn How to Use:

  • Visual Content to engage prospects
  • Digital strategies to get known online
  • Web traffic techniques to build your customer base

social media sends traffic to your website

Social Media

While Social Media has incredible potential for boosting your business, it is a mistake to jump on every bandwagon without fully orienting yourself. If you step in too quickly, without understanding the complexity and subtle nuances of the protocol or the participation requirements, you could do more harm than good to your business reputation.

There is no “cookie-cutter formula” for how businesses should engage with Social Media. Like any other marketing strategy, a customized approach is the most effective and cost-reducing. What might work well for one company might be a waste of time and money for another.

social media connections

As Social Media Consultants, we’ll generate creative ideas you haven’t thought of that are customized for your business – because that’s what we do best! We’ll let you in on digital marketing secrets and advanced techniques. We’ll recommend innovative approaches that can put you ahead of your competitors.

Today’s social media focuses on Creative Visual Content – one of our specialties! You will have the option of hiring us to create graphics and content for your social media.

Facebook Page Cover by Christine Green

Facebook Page Cover Image Design

Facebook Graphics by Christine Green

Graphic Design for Social Media Posts

Help for Individual Professionals

We provide Coaching to individual professionals who want to learn how to use social media to promote themselves, their colleagues, their campaign or solo practice.

Our consultations provide coaching on best practices, proper protocol, advanced techniques and leading-edge tactics for posting on both Personal Profiles and Business Pages. We take the mystery out of the business use of social media and offer creative strategies for getting you known online.

Contact Us today to find out if your business can benefit from a custom
Strategic Marketing Plan

 As a Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist, Christine Green coaches clients
to make the most of Social Media and Digital Marketing

Christine Green - Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist

We offer services nationwide for website marketing optimization and digital marketing plans.

Locally we offer photography and video content for small businesses, organizations, individual professionals and public figures north of Boston, in Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. We are located in the Amesbury/Newburyport area.

While many companies have added social media to their marketing efforts, what we see is that they are only tapping the tip of the iceberg.

Our clients are often 2-3 years ahead of their competition when they implement our recommendations using advanced techniques and tactics.

Come to us for your Full-service Business Building Solutions:

  • Marketing-focused Websites
  • Custom Marketing Plans that focus on:
    • Social Media
    • Creative Content
    • Video Marketing
    • Digital Strategies

Get in touch – we can help!


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