Marketing for Small Businesses

In today’s world a strong Internet presence is essential.
Digital is it. Period. Full Service Web Design and Digital Marketing

Does your company have a strong an online presence? If not, there’s no time to waste in getting started or improving it. It can feel overwhelming. But don’t fret – we can help. We’ll get you up to speed in this new world of inbound marketing. We’ll do our part and support and assist you with your part.

One-stop Shopping for Marketing Services

We’ve been compared to larger agencies because of the wide-range of services we offer.

What We Can Do for Your Company:

  1. First we’ll develop a strategic marketing approach for getting your business known online.
  2. Then we’ll design or revise your website and your social media strategy to serve that marketing plan.
  3. Then we’ll create awesome visual content of photographs and video to put the final punch into your website and digital marketing.

With the full package that we offer you’ll have the greatest chance of attracting potential customers and clients. It is these four focus areas that can help get your business known online:

  • Website Design for Marketing Optimization – Your website is the destination from social media venues. You’re wasting time on social media if your website is not an effective marketing tool. We’ll redesign or optimize your site to attract and engage visitors.
  • Video Production Services – We’ll develop a Video Strategy for your company or organization and produce compelling videos to captivate and inform your target customers.
  • Photography Services – We’ll shoot the photographs that you need for your website and social media content.
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategies – We’ll create a custom Digital & Social Media Marketing Plan that includes advanced tactics and techniques to help you fully utilize social networking venues for business success.

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A Word About Visual Content

Visual elements are extremely important for today’s websites and digital marketing. Social media venues focus more and more on photographs, infographics, quick messages with an attractive design, and funny pictures – yes even businesses need to publish great looking images to grab the attention of potential customers. Those who might do business with you often respond best to easy to read information. Although your followers and prospects are looking to be informed, they also like to be entertained in the process. Therefore, pleasing images and a lighted-hearted approach (when and where appropriate) will brighten their day and give them a positive feeling about your company.

See samples of Christine Green’s Creative Visual Content on our sister site. Digital marketing should include pictures, graphics and video skillfully crafted to portray your company in a professional manner. You need professional photographs and design in order to put your best foot forward when representing your company online. Let us help you do that!

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