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Facebook Newsfeed Changes Make Page Cover Images and Videos More Important

Friday, March 8th, 2013

On March 7, 2013 Facebook announced their upcoming Newsfeed changes. It’s no surprise that images will be featured more prominently across the board.

For Facebook business pages this means the cover image is more important ever. It will be seen more often and its essential that your cover image be optimized for marketing. It needs to not only provide an attractive visual, but to instantly convey your brand and the benefits of your product, services or organization to the viewer.

What does your Business Page Cover image look like? Does it effectively sell your business or organization?

Here are a few examples of Facebook Cover images I have designed:

Facebook Cover Image Designed by Christine Green


Facebook Cover Image Designed by Christine Green


Facebook Cover Image Designed by Christine Green


Facebook Cover Image Designed by Christine Green



























Videos will also be displayed much larger, giving your company or organization an even greater opportunity to utilize Video Marketing. Take a look at our Video Portfolio. We recently added a new project.

Get in touch if you need a new marketing-optimized cover image for your Facebook business page or want to talk with us about adding video to your company’s marketing plan.

LinkedIn Allows Video Embedding in Profiles

Friday, January 25th, 2013

The business professional’s most popular social media venue rolled out a new format at the end of 2012. This may be a game-changer because you can now add video to your LinkedIn Profile.

On January 17, 2013, LinkedIn announced that they are “gradually rolling out the media link feature to those that have the new profile design.” I recently noticed it in my profile but it may not yet be available to everyone.

Here’s what it looks like:

LinkedIn Profile with Video - Christine Green






















This is great news for business professionals, business owners and solo entrepreneurs. It’s one more significant leap toward a video-focused Internet. Video marketing is no longer a luxury for large companies, but has become a necessity for small businesses. It can put you ahead of your competition and is the competitive edge for job seekers.

Individual professionals now have the opportunity to create a video resume to feature on a website, on LinkedIn and other online venues. And business owners can add a promotional video about their company to their LinkedIn Profile.

A word of caution – while video can rocket you ahead of other companies or job candidates, a poorly crafted video can do more damage then good. Don’t post a video that falls short, from either a technical or a marketing perspective.

Hire a video marketing consultant to advise you and produce videos that feature you in your best light (literally and figuratively! :-)) and effectively portray the compelling aspects of your company or you as an individual.

Find out how we can help you with your Video Marketing.

See my LinkedIn Profile with the embedded video:

Are Your Products Too Hard to Find?

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

Today I observed a huge missed opportunity by a professional who recently published a book.

An image of the cover of the newly published book with a compelling title appeared in my News Feed because a Facebook friend had commented on it (she was a Facebook “friend” of the author who posted the image).

I clicked on the image and the title grabbed my attention enough that I wanted to find out more about the book. I then clicked on the Facebook link for the person (book author) who had posted it. I landed on their Facebook Personal Profile and looked around. But there was no opportunity for me to subscribe to their public updates, no link to a website for the book or for the person or their work, no link to a Facebook Page, no LinkedIn Profile or Twitter account – NOTHING. Nothing I could connect to in order to stay in touch and updated with this person. No way for me to learn about their new book.

I copied the book title and checked on Amazon – not there. The best I could do was to Google the book title. I found one video of a presentation on the subject. I knew it was the same person because the name matched. The person was a great presenter. Unfortunately, there was no contact information or web link included. There was a title frame in the video that included the company name but no URL. So I had to click replay and pause the video to get the name of the company. I then Googled that.

FINALLY!….I found the person’s site. A decent website but still no mention of the book or “upcoming book.” My frustration was growing.

I was surprise to see that they did have a Twitter account linked from the site. I clicked the link and saw that they had 130 Followers. I decide to follow them even though I saw nothing too interesting as I scrolled through their past Tweets – they were mostly repetitive posts announcing that the latest issue of their email newsletter or blog was available. But there were no interesting titles to inspire me to click their link.

After some more digging, I discovered that this person also had a LinkedIn Profile linked from their site. It was tucked away far down on the footer of the site. I clicked on it. Okay! Now, we’re talking! Big presence on LinkedIn. Over 500 connections, blog link and feed, website link and a recent update. Good job on LinkedIn! Too bad the people who don’t know this business person already, can’t find them or their book.

Take off your social media blinders and spread out your online presence. There are a lot of us out here in cyberspace and we want to know about the great things you are doing!

Don’t make it so hard to find you!
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See How Your Website Looks on an iPad

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Have you wondered what your website looks like when viewed on an iPad? If you don’t have an iPad and haven’t loaded your site onto the iPad of a friend, you might be wondering how it will render on the tablet.

Here’s a short video that shows you how to use an online iPad simulator at to find how your site looks on that digital device.

How does your site look?

How to Write a Google Review for the Businesses You Appreciate

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

In this economy and time of stiff competition, it is a much appreciated gift to write reviews for the businesses that provide you with superior products and fantastic service.

Of course you can also write negative reviews for the businesses that have disappointed you. Often a bad experience is a strong motivator to write online feedback, but I encourage you to take a few minutes to help out the small local businesses that have served you well.

I encourage you to do this, not only for the food establishments and retailers, but also your service providers that you may only work with occasionally or on a one-time basis – your accountant, business attorney, insurance agent, graphic designer, realtor, electrician, web developer and marketing consultant… name a few.

Here are instructions for writing a Google Places Review as of 2/2/12. It’s not as complicated as it looks and I have provide visuals for your convenience.

How to Write a Google Review on Google Places:

1. Search for the business on or Google Maps.
2. Once you’ve located the business you’d like to review, click the more info link next to the business name in the left panel. The information window will expand with additional options.
3. Click the Write a Review link located above the address of the business.
4. Be as specific as you can about what you liked about working with the company or individual. The more details you can provide, the more compelling the review. And the more helpful it will be for potential customers.
5. Give your review a title and rating (click on the stars).
6. Click Save.

You need to be signed in to your Google Account to write a review. If you’re not signed in, you’ll be prompted to either sign in or create a Google Account. (see the visual instructions below)

NOTE: Your Google Account nickname will appear next to all of the reviews that you write. To change your nickname, go to your Google account settings and click Edit profile.

If you don’t have a Google Account or are not signed in you will land on this page:

Next you will see this Page:
Enter your info and click “I accept Create my account” at the bottom.

Google Account Signup

You should then be returned automatically to the Google Places Page where you were but if not you can just do a Google search for name of the business and city and state – for example: “Radiant Electric Raymond NH”

Once you are back on the page. Click the “Write a Review” button again.
Be sure to give your Review a TITLE and a RATING (click the stars).
Then click “SAVE.”

Your REVIEW is very valuable to the company for which it was written. It is a great expression of appreciation for a “job well done.”

Your Review helps the business in the following ways:
• getting the business known online
• improving Search Engine Optimization and Google ranking
• publicizing the services and quality customer service the company provides
• displaying feedback from customers which is one of the most effective ways to get new customers

So….“don’t forget your servers”  and help them out by writing a Google Review.  And don’t be shy – write a Yelp review and a review on any other business directory sites you can find.