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Videos for Small Businesses and Organizations:

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The Breakdown of What We Do for Clients:


Websites Designed for Marketing


Video & Business Photography


Digital Marketing Strategies

Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategies:

  • Custom Digital Marketing Plans
  • Social Media Advanced Tactics
  • Marketing Coaching with Christine Green
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What Clients Say:

“A new patient found my website through an online search and complimented the site, saying it was well done and quite professional – I totally agree. I would recommend Christine Green to anyone needing a site that will attract clients. Christine’s photography skills were an added bonus.”

Roy Gottlieb


“I hired Christine Green to film my book launch event to create a marketing video. The video came out beautifully. I can’t recommend Christine highly enough. She’s the complete package: fantastic technical skills, an artistic eye, and a warm, compassionate approach. Hire her!”

Lori Day

Author and Speaker

“I had the pleasure of narrating a promotional video produced by Christine Green for the Amesbury Carriage Alliance. I was grateful for her insightful coaching – she clearly had a well-defined vision of the final product that effectively communicated the message to the viewing audience.”

Peter Hoyt

Amesbury Carriage Museum

“Christine Green did a great job jumpstarting our social media campaign. She created engaging posts and suggested best practices. Christine created a series using candid moments she captured on video that portrayed the uniqueness of InventiveLabs and the talents of its participants.”

Tom Bergeron


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