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Videos for Small Businesses and Organizations:

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The Breakdown of What We Do for Clients:


Websites Designed for Marketing


Business Photography & Video


Digital Marketing Strategies

Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategies:

  • Custom Digital Marketing Plans
  • Social Media Advanced Tactics
  • Marketing Coaching with Christine Green
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What Clients Say:

“A new patient found my website through an online search and complimented the site, saying it was well done and quite professional – I totally agree. I would recommend Christine Green to anyone needing a site that will attract clients. Christine’s photography skills were an added bonus.”

Roy Gottlieb


“I hired Christine Green to film my book launch event to create a marketing video. The video came out beautifully. I can’t recommend Christine highly enough. She’s the complete package: fantastic technical skills, an artistic eye, and a warm, compassionate approach. Hire her!”

Lori Day

Author and Speaker

“I narrated a promotional video produced by Christine for the Amesbury Carriage Alliance. I was grateful for her insightful coaching – she had a well-defined vision of the final product that effectively communicated the message to the viewing audience.”

Peter Hoyt

Amesbury Carriage Museum

“Christine Green did a great job jumpstarting our social media campaign. She created engaging posts and suggested best practices. Christine created a series from candid moments she captured on video that portrayed the talents and uniqueness of InventiveLabs and its participants.”

Tom Bergeron


Many small businesses make this mistake when creating their first website or redesigning their site.

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